Hedge Cutting


Agricultural Hedge Cutting

Throughout Cornwall

We run state of the art flail hedgecutting machines with highly skilled operators who take great pride to leave the best finish possible. All machines are serviced and maintained to the highest standard. We have a good reputation for offering one of the best flail and saw based hedgecutting services in the South West.

A clean finish with debris pulped back into the bottom of the hedge. Stray thorns on hardstandings are brushed or blown back into the base of the hedge.

We can provide a hedge cutting service to keep your field margins and hedgerows neat and tidy. Hedge cutting is usually carried out towards the end of the growing season, but if you have a specific event requiring your hedges to be trimmed and tidied sooner, then do get in touch and we can advise.

We can cut most types of hedge rows, including Hawthorn, Holly, Beech, Privet and decorative garden hedges. If you are struggling to cut a large garden hedge we can help, and tractor access is available then we can help.

Small Bale Hay/Haylage Making.

We can provide a complete hay and haylage making service which includes mowing, drying, baling and stacking.

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Micro-Mini Plant Hire
Micro-Mini Plant Hire

Conventional Power


At Micro-Mini Plant Hire you can be sure we can find a solution to your harrowing needs. Power harrowing prior to re-seeding has become very popular as the technology and better understanding of soil structures have evolved.

We offer conventional power harrowing and drilling services backed by a "can do" attitude that allows you to have total confidence that the job will be done professionally and on time.

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We now supply and deliver a variety of Dumpy Bags.


Sand, 803 Aggregate, Hardcore.

We also supply and deliver

Cement and Blocks.

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Micro-Mini Plant Hire

We Offer a Comprehensive Range of Plant Hire Services